About Us

The official website for the Sarawak Bloggers Society (Sarawak Bloggers)


Sarawak Bloggers Society (Reg. no: PPM-013-13-04092012) is a community driven initiative aimed at promoting the positive use of social media. The community manages and coordinates itself through volunteers who are active social media users in Sarawak.


We believe social media can be used for the greater good, and we have worked to use social media as a unifying tool in the past through our events TweetUp Kuching and HashtagLive Kuching.  While unifying social media users remains our utmost goal, we are also keen to elevate the stature of social media content creators to become key influencers. While past engagements and projects were focused more on bringing the community together, we are also currently undertaking newer initiatives to improve content creation among our members, as well as promote social media as an alternative income for content creators. We continue to strive and provide our members with networking opportunities, while at the same time make it a point to educate the community in regards to social media engagement and ethics.


A main committee, made up of volunteers, manages and coordinates Sarawak Bloggers Society. This committee is based in Kuching and it acts as a focal point for all decision making related to Sarawak Bloggers Society. We have representatives in Bintulu and Miri as well.