Grand Margherita sponsors #TetherKCHSungkei

Grand Margherita sponsors #TetherKCHSungkei

A special Tether session was organized and sponsored by the good people at Grand Margherita Hotel a couple of days ago.

The session was specially for those attending the previous Tether Sessions, and we call it TetherKCHSungei.  Also attending was Gabby from iCube, James from England, and Jeremy from India, making it quite an international affair.

During the event, content creators, as well as social media users were treated to one of the Best Ramadhan Buffets in Kuching by Grand Margherita Hotel.  Those attending were very pleased with the quality of the servings, and the massive number of selection with some also complimenting the lovely atmosphere where the buffet was served.

Live action stalls at the Grand Margherita Ramadhan Buffet. Photo credit: KuchingBorneo

The buffet, which has over 100 different types of food, runs from the first day of Ramadhan until 14th June 2018, and promotional prices are available at

To learn more about the buffet, you can check out the blog post by our bloggers that went to the event below:

  1. KuchingBorneo
  2. SamaDirik

*Blogs that didn’t submit their links by 22 May 2018 were not featured.

Borneo Jazz Festival 2018

Borneo Jazz Festival 2018

The Borneo Jazz Festival was originally known as the Miri International Jazz Festival until year 2011.

This year New venue, new concept! | Photo credit by @Dutchez on Ig


The festival as first organized to create another international music festival in Sarawak as well as to promote Miri as a Resort City. It has since then become a well- known addition to the myriad of festivals that Sarawak has to offer. This year Borneo Jazz takes place for 3 days from May 11-13th at the Coco Cabana, Marina Park (Miri) This year also marks the Visit Miri Year 2018 or VMY2018, and the jazz festival is part and parcel of the many events that are taking place in and around Miri.


The Gypsy jazz set consist of Maestro Violist-Ruby Lakatos, Jazz Guitarist – Az Samad, Bassist- Zulkifli & French Gypsy Guitarist- Denis Chang |Photo credit by @Dutchez on Ig


This year Borneo Jazz featured 20 bands regional and international recognized jazz musicians with 2 stages : the Fridge stage (outdoors) and the Main Stage (indoors).


Sarawakian singer -songwriter, guitarist, ukulele and visual artist – Zee Avi |  Photo by @Edmundh_​ on Ig



Malaysian Composer, producer & singer- Dato’ Zainal Abidin |  Photo by @Edmundh_​ on Ig



The most asked question- What is different this year?

Firstly, the outdoor food and beverage stalls that are open to the public. Range of street food is made available with affordable price.

Secondly, Borneo Jazz Talent Search is being held for the first time ever this year. The talent search aims to create a platform for emerging bands from all over Borneo, create an appreciation for Jazz among st the millennial generations as well as discover up and coming talents musicians within Borneo.

Thirdly, the venue & its settings. Locals were excited to see this change after more than a decade of the usual beach resort venue. Coco Cabana  famous Miri’s iconic seahorse lighthouse(10 minutes drive from the city) Coco Cabana, has been organizing many outdoor/indoors event is no strangers to the locals here and it is one of most picked venue for wedding photography.

Lastly,special price exclusively for residents in Miri!



Music runs in her blood being the daughter of Loganathan from the Alleycats. Jazz,funk, soul & R&B singer-Dasha Logan| Photo by @Edmundh_​ on Ig


Borneo Jazz is wholly owned by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), organised by No Black Tie with Air Asia as the official Airlines Partner

Thank you for bringing everyone ( Musicians, artists, vendors, organizer, etc) for this fantastic event! We look forward to another even greater Jazz festival next year!

Till next events!

TETHER SESSION 2: Stealing someone’s backpack

TETHER SESSION 2: Stealing someone’s backpack

It was one exciting and interesting night for those attending our second Tether session, called Tether Session 2 or #TetherSS2.

The crowd certainly was bigger this time around, and thankfully Grand Margherita Hotel stepped up to come in as the venue sponsor, offering their fantastic Rajang Lobby Bar Terrace which was simply idea for the discussion. Thank you again guys!

While the topic of the day was loosely based on ‘Building Bridges’, the talk moved on from introducing each other, to learning about how to earn income through social media, and what can be done to improve content to fit the industry as well.

Interestingly, in this session, Jeremy Noronha, a Digital Nomad from India, and also Dominic Ling, an SEO specialist from Singapore also joined us at Grand Margherita Hotel’s Rajang Lobby Bar Terrace to share about their experiences and things that could be done to improve not only content, but also to move forward as content creators on social media.  Who would have guessed that our little session would attract international participants!

One side of those coming. Photo by Donovan Sim

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was also found out that Digital Nomads like Jeremy put everything in one back-pack, and he would go bananas if it was lost! – which was also the joke of the night that we should steal his backpack so that he had to stay longer in Kuching.

But on more serious matters, there was plenty to discuss when it came to digital marketing, corporate blogging, affiliate marketing, and again, yes, the role of tourism related industries when it comes to promoting Sarawak.

We really don’t want to say too much because we prefer you to join our sessions to hear what’s it all about.

Missed out? There’s always Tether Session 3 (which we will post up on our FB event page), but for now, thank you again to Grand Margherita Hotel for hosting us!!



TETHER SESSION 2 gets a venue sponsor

TETHER SESSION 2 gets a venue sponsor

Tether Session II is this week (22 March), and with just a couple of days left, there’s a little (okay, it’s huge!) change; namely to the venue.

Thank you to the good people at Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching, we are having #Tethers2 (short for Tether Session 2) at the Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace at Grand Margherita!

Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace Grand Margherita Hotel
Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace Grand Margherita Hotel

Like playing host isn’t enough, Grand Margherita would also be sponsoring some light refreshments for those coming as we sit down, and have a good sharing about social media in Kuching and Sarawak, and exchange ideas about how we all can improve as content creators on social media.

As the first session, entry to the session is still completely free, and there’s no dress code.

We do however hope you take your dinner before coming, and come on time as we will start at 8:30PM.

See you at 8:30PM, this 22 March, at Grand Margherita Hotel!

If you need more information, visit us on our Event Page on Facebook.

Aliey represents Sarawak Bloggers at tHe Spring Bintulu unveiling ceremony

Aliey represents Sarawak Bloggers at tHe Spring Bintulu unveiling ceremony

Aliey, or her real name Nurhaizi Mostapha yesterday represented Sarawak Bloggers Society at the launching of the new tHe Spring Mall Bintulu.

Invited specially by tHe Spring Mall, Aliey also went on a City Tour after the event.  To read more about Aliey’s experience, go to her blog.

Meanwhile, tHe Spring Bintulu would be opened this November with tenants almost mimicking what tHe Spring Kuching has to offer.

The Spring Mall Bintulu tenant mix
The Spring Mall Bintulu tenant mix

Managed by tHe Spring Management Serviced (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd, the latest addition to Bintulu’s shopping mall options would see Parkson, MBO Cinema, Uniqlo and Ta Kiong Supermarket coming in as the anchor tenant of the mall, with other brands such as Popular, Maxis, OSIM, Switch also slated to open in the mall.

The RM245-million tHe Spring Bintulu could accommodate 127 retail outlets on its 390,000 square feet mall, and it will have 1,317 parking bays with the food court offering a panoramic view of the South China Sea.

Anchor Food Professionals bringing cheesy pleasure back!

Anchor Food Professionals bringing cheesy pleasure back!

This second PizzArt campaign by Anchor Food Professionals has launched an exciting campaign with their partners, and this time with a creation that Malaysians can’t resist!

During their Sarawak region launch, our bloggers from each city gets the first dips to experience this new PizzArt phenomenon. Basically PizzArt comes from the combo word of Pizza Artisanal.

In Sarawak, The artisanal pizzas is available Bistecca & Bistro (Sibu), Chillax Cafe & Bistro (Miri) & Ohsome Wood Fired Pizza (Kuching)

In Photo: Bloggers/Social Media Influences with Chillax Cafe & Bistro (Miri) & AFP Sales Team. Photo Credit : @Dutchez on Ig

In Photo: Bloggers/Social Media Influences with Ohsome Wood Fired Pizza, (Kuching) & AFP Sales Team. Photo Credit : @SarawakBloggers on Ig


Thank you Anchor Food Professional for creating such wonderful pizza that is made only by Anchor Food Professionals Hot Cooking chefs. Of which these pizza can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills and in restaurants with pizza ovens!

Till the next post!

TETHER SESSION 01: Reaching Out

TETHER SESSION 01: Reaching Out

Last night, the very first Tether Session by Sarawak Bloggers Society was held at a local cafe, with nine social media users and influencers coming.

Tether is conducted in a very informal way to bring together social media users, and encouraging discussions and sharings about how each other can use soceial media to grow their influence, fan base and networking, under the guidance of Sarawak Bloggers.

Part of the participants of Tether Session 01

Last night’s discussion focused on branding, and how local content creators can grow to be a force in the local industry, specifically tourism and Sarawak related industries.

The second Tether session would be conducted tentatively on 22 March 2018 (Thursdays), with the venue to be decided.

All star dessert + Valentine’s sweet delight with Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

All star dessert + Valentine’s sweet delight with Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

Miri Marriott has launched an all-star dessert collection featuring modern reinventions at Borneo Baking Company (BBCo) & in conjunction to celebrate the Valentine’s week together with Chinese New Year.

Photo (L-R) : Biscuit Sliced cake, Chocolate Indulgence, 23 Layer flourless cake 

The cake of the month (Feb 2018) Biscuit Sliced Cake, is an absolute must-try! Definely my personal favourite!

Photo (L-R) : Medias with Chef Suffian & Chef Jacky  

With such delightful collection of sweet bites to celebrate the Lunar New Year as well as Valentine’s week, I reckon you would have one sweet memoir to ring in the new year! Borneo Baking Co. is located at the lobby level (on your right as you enter) of Miri Marriott Resort & Spa, is opened daily from 6.30am to 11pm.

We, Sarawak Bloggers wish you & your family happy, joyous, prosperous, successful and merry throughout the year of the Dog

Till the next updates!

Telum Media seek to include Sarawak Bloggers in their database

Telum Media seek to include Sarawak Bloggers in their database

Last Tuesday, Telum Media representatives Koi Kye Lee and Lim Hui Shan met up with our President Cyril Dason, to discuss about the blogging scene in Sarawak, and the possibility of including bloggers from Sarawak into their media database.

Based on the discussion, bloggers from Sarawak will be listed in the media database operated by Telum Media, hence allowing agencies to approach them directly for press release and engagement.

After a discussion among the Sarawak Bloggers committee, it was agreed that this is a good move which would benefit bloggers directly as it gives exposure to bloggers on a larger platform.

Sarawak Bloggers is also happy that such opportunities has opened up, but stressed that bloggers engaged directly will not come under the banner of Sarawak Bloggers, and therefore Sarawak Bloggers would not be held accountable for any issues arising from such engagement.

It should also be noted that Sarawak Bloggers would continue to coordinate and manage event invites for bloggers shall there be a need or request, in which these bloggers would be representing Sarawak Bloggers as a group.

Sarawak based bloggers can apply to be included in the database by clicking in this link, before 12 midnight, 10 Feb 2018.

An afternoon tea at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

An afternoon tea at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

Miri Marriott Resort & Spa is now serving even wider choices of cakes, French pastries & grubs to go! You can now have your afternoon tea from 2-5pm daily at 25RM Nett per person at Borneo Baking Company (You cant miss it! its on the right as you enter their lobby)

Photo : (L-R) F&B Manager : Mr. Gunalan Batumalai, Chef de Partie : Chef Clora An Lian, Executive Chef : Chef Len Ivan Osmund 
Photo : Bloggers/ Influencers with F&B team in Miri Marriot Hotel 


Their current cake of the month (Peanut Butter Chocolate cake) is one cake We strongly recommend!  Head on down to Miri Marriot Hotel to try out their delectable cakes & grubs spread!


Till the next post!