TETHER SESSION 2 gets a venue sponsor

TETHER SESSION 2 gets a venue sponsor

Tether Session II is this week (22 March), and with just a couple of days left, there’s a little (okay, it’s huge!) change; namely to the venue.

Thank you to the good people at Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching, we are having #Tethers2 (short for Tether Session 2) at the Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace at Grand Margherita!

Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace Grand Margherita Hotel
Rajang Lobby Lounge Terrace Grand Margherita Hotel

Like playing host isn’t enough, Grand Margherita would also be sponsoring some light refreshments for those coming as we sit down, and have a good sharing about social media in Kuching and Sarawak, and exchange ideas about how we all can improve as content creators on social media.

As the first session, entry to the session is still completely free, and there’s no dress code.

We do however hope you take your dinner before coming, and come on time as we will start at 8:30PM.

See you at 8:30PM, this 22 March, at Grand Margherita Hotel!

If you need more information, visit us on our Event Page on Facebook.

Telum Media seek to include Sarawak Bloggers in their database

Telum Media seek to include Sarawak Bloggers in their database

Last Tuesday, Telum Media representatives Koi Kye Lee and Lim Hui Shan met up with our President Cyril Dason, to discuss about the blogging scene in Sarawak, and the possibility of including bloggers from Sarawak into their media database.

Based on the discussion, bloggers from Sarawak will be listed in the media database operated by Telum Media, hence allowing agencies to approach them directly for press release and engagement.

After a discussion among the Sarawak Bloggers committee, it was agreed that this is a good move which would benefit bloggers directly as it gives exposure to bloggers on a larger platform.

Sarawak Bloggers is also happy that such opportunities has opened up, but stressed that bloggers engaged directly will not come under the banner of Sarawak Bloggers, and therefore Sarawak Bloggers would not be held accountable for any issues arising from such engagement.

It should also be noted that Sarawak Bloggers would continue to coordinate and manage event invites for bloggers shall there be a need or request, in which these bloggers would be representing Sarawak Bloggers as a group.

Sarawak based bloggers can apply to be included in the database by clicking in this link, before 12 midnight, 10 Feb 2018.

An afternoon tea at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

An afternoon tea at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

Miri Marriott Resort & Spa is now serving even wider choices of cakes, French pastries & grubs to go! You can now have your afternoon tea from 2-5pm daily at 25RM Nett per person at Borneo Baking Company (You cant miss it! its on the right as you enter their lobby)

Photo : (L-R) F&B Manager : Mr. Gunalan Batumalai, Chef de Partie : Chef Clora An Lian, Executive Chef : Chef Len Ivan Osmund 
Photo : Bloggers/ Influencers with F&B team in Miri Marriot Hotel 


Their current cake of the month (Peanut Butter Chocolate cake) is one cake We strongly recommend!  Head on down to Miri Marriot Hotel to try out their delectable cakes & grubs spread!


Till the next post!

Time to give back to the community

Time to give back to the community

Sarawak Bloggers has been around for almost nine years, and while time has passed fast, there’s this tingling feeling that we have not done as much as we can to help our bloggers go further.

That said, a meeting was held to appoint new office bearers recently, and a new committee has been elected as follows.

President: Cyril Dason
V. President: Eve
Secretary: Joachim Then
V. Secretary: Khairool Adzelan
Treasurer: Hani

1) Shaz
2) Mike Cheng
3) Amadeus DOnovan

Brand Ambassadors:
1) Eileen Foong
2) Pei Pei

Among the first few things the new committee would look into is how to include social media influencers into the community’s plans, a change of the logo, and programs aimed at enhancing bloggers and social media users in Sarawak.

The decision making of Sarawak Bloggers has also been shifted to Kuching, despite most of the members residing from all over the state.

It is hoped that with the new committee, Sarawak Bloggers will continue to bring unity among social media users, as well as create a pool of content creators which will help promote Sarawak to the world.