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We are open to any type of engagements as long as these engagements end up with a WIN-WIN situation. This means that both our members and the engaging party (client), would both benefits from an engagement.

Typically, engagements come in form of event invites for press conferences, openings, launching, product/service reviews, and also giving talks related to social media.


We would like to stress that our members are not paid by us in any way to attend events and all attendance at events are strictly on a voluntary basis. That said, we strongly encourage the inviting party (clients) to compensate our members accordingly, although this is not compulsory as the invitation alone is already a privilege by itself.

However, it would be good that some sort of compensation or token be accorded to our members when attending a function or event as a token of appreciation. We don’t want to sound ‘money oriented, but attending functions does incur cost, and since our members aren’t reporters, we feel that they should be given some appreciation for coming.

While compensation can come in terms of merchandise or discounts, we do encourage cash/paid compensations.

Cash compensation is considered a ‘Paid Engagement’, while non-cash compensation, or no compensation is considered ‘Free Engagement’.


Since Sarawak Bloggers is a community driven – volunteerism initiative, it is important to know that content creators/bloggers/social media influences/key opinion leaders under Sarawak Bloggers are not reporters. This means that you should not expect our members to behave like reporters, or publish something just because they attend an event.

However, we acknowledge that clients do expect some sort of publicity when our members are invited to an event, and we have constantly advised them to do some post and postings in regards to the events they attend.

However, if the engagement is deemed as a ‘Free Engagement’, we will only advice them to do posting, but posting is strictly up to the member.

We can however do our own brief posting here (in this site) as to show your company had engaged us for your event/function/product.

Due to demand of guaranteed coverage, we have taken the initiative to introduce ‘PAID ENGAGEMENTS’ in which our members will guarantee postings on social media and their blogs for a price.

Paid Engagements requires payment for postings and write-ups.

Payment needs to be remitted to Events Horizon (an event company that is helping us manage of Paid Engagements).  Events Horizon will then inform us about the engagement and we will delegate the task according to the agreement.  Bloggers under paid engagement would be paid by Events Horizons when the task is completed.


We know when statistics are used, our content creators/members do not share the same numbers as in West Malaysia.  However, their engagement and influence can be even stronger as Sarawak is a community-like place and everyone tends to know everyone.

That said, our members may not have the numbers to show, but their opinions do carry weight among their friends and followers and they are likely to create better conversation on your product than just impressions.

Look at tit this way, impressions mean someone knows your product exist, but when our members post it up, it is likely their friends and families will talk about your product, and maybe try it out!

So which is better?


To learn more of how yu can engage us, drop us a message or contact our secretary, KIM at +60128086262 for further discussions.


Only committee members of Sarawak Bloggers can make decisions regarding engagements.  Any engagement that does not go through the main committee will not be considered an engagement with Sarawak Bloggers. The best way to engage us is to contact us by email or be in touch with our secretary at +60128086262 (KIM).


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