We do event coverage or product/service reviews if the opportunity arises, and shall the circumstances allow us to do so.

Event coverage means that our members will come to your event/or write about your event to give it exposure via social media, while a product or service review happens when our members tryout your product and service, with intention to do a review or sharing about it on their social media accounts. The Sarawak Bloggers, together with our partner in events, Events Horizon, has come up with a mechanism which will provide clients maximum exposure for their events or products.

Please note that we do hope that those wanting event/product exposure will be fair with our members, in which they will provide a ‘win-win’ solution for both our members and themselves.

For details on how to contact us in regards to event coverage please contact our Secretary, Joachim Then at Joachim[at]sarawakbloggers[dot]com or call him at +60128086262.  To ensure faster feedback, you are advised to CC the email to the President, Cyril Dason at cyril[at]sarawakbloggers[dot]com.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Sarawak Bloggers operates using our official email, which ends with “@SarawakBloggers.com” and therefore any individual not using the official email is not authorized by us to negotiate event invites.

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