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Most of our members are experienced and up-to-date tech and social media users, and we are willing to share this knowledge if you are keen to have us.

For talk and sharing sessions, we are able to provide workshops, talks and sharing sessions if requested.  In the past, we have also engaged in forums organized by companies, NGO’s and government departments.

Our expertise include those listed below, but are not limited to just those:

  • Use of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
  • Self censorship/Regulating when using new media, esp social media
  • Building blogs/opening social media accounts
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating social media events

For details on how to contact us in regards to talks, sharing or forums, please contact Joachim Then (Secretary) Joachim[at]sarawakbloggers[dot]com or call him at +60128086262.

To ensure faster feedback, you are advised to CC the email to the President, Cyril Dason at cyril[at]sarawakbloggers[dot]com, and the V. President Eve at eve[at]sarawakbloggers[dot]com.

Please however note that availability of our speakers are highly limited, and we do reserve the right to turn down invitations which we consider too political in nature.

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