The Sarawak Bloggers was initiated by Cyril Dason in December 2009 with the idea of creating an umbrella body to represent the bloggers of Sarawak. At that point, popular local blogger Irene Law was also invited to be part of the project aimed to seek capable and quality bloggers in Sarawak.

By April 2010, the number of bloggers has grown to a massive 30, with numerous bloggers from all types of background already agreeing to support the project and highlighting the logo of Sarawak Bloggers in their site.

In March 2010, it was further realized that the project has gained popularity, and the running committee consisting of not less than eight bloggers decided that it was time to be less exclusive, and more inclusive, hence prompting the opening of Sarawak Bloggers to the masses in that same month.

A proper domain name at was obtained, before the it was realized that the community has now grown to over 100 registered bloggers. A re-branding exercise was then made with the community shifting their domain to a proper hosting company to allow better registration of bloggers.

In January 2011, the new portal was given a fresh new look and the Synapse zone was introduced to enable faster and simplified registration by bloggers.

The blogging community grew to over 400, and on 10 December 2011, it organized Sarawak’s biggest social media event Tweet-Up Kuching (#TwtUpKCH). The event was later nominated by DiGi in 2012 for the DiGi WWWOW Awards, but only managed to get in the final ten.

On 4 September 2012, the Sarawak Bloggers finally turned legal when it was officially registered with the Register of Societies Malaysia and taking up the name Sarawak Bloggers Society. The registration opened the door to the other social media users to be part of the community, which at October 2012 stood at over 1,000 members.

The second event by Sarawak Bloggers, Tweet-Up Kuching 2012 (#TwtUpKCH) was attended by some 1000+ social media users in Sarawak, and was later awarded as the Best Social Media Event in Malaysia by the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013.

In 2015, the association collaborated with event house Events Horizon, to organize HashtagLive Kuching, Sarawak’s biggest social media event, topping #TwtUpKCH.  The event went on to trend on the Malaysian twitter feed, and was attended by over 5,000 social media users.

The association has since moved forward with amazing networking and opportunities provided for all social media users.