TETHER SESSION 01: Reaching Out

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TETHER SESSION 01: Reaching Out

February 27, 2018 Event Reports 0

Last night, the very first Tether Session by Sarawak Bloggers Society was held at a local cafe, with nine social media users and influencers coming.

Tether is conducted in a very informal way to bring together social media users, and encouraging discussions and sharings about how each other can use soceial media to grow their influence, fan base and networking, under the guidance of Sarawak Bloggers.

Part of the participants of Tether Session 01

Last night’s discussion focused on branding, and how local content creators can grow to be a force in the local industry, specifically tourism and Sarawak related industries.

The second Tether session would be conducted tentatively on 22 March 2018 (Thursdays), with the venue to be decided.