TETHER SESSION 2: Stealing someone’s backpack

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TETHER SESSION 2: Stealing someone’s backpack

March 23, 2018 Event Reports 0
TetherSS2 atendees. Photo by Mike Cheng

It was one exciting and interesting night for those attending our second Tether session, called Tether Session 2 or #TetherSS2.

The crowd certainly was bigger this time around, and thankfully Grand Margherita Hotel stepped up to come in as the venue sponsor, offering their fantastic Rajang Lobby Bar Terrace which was simply idea for the discussion. Thank you again guys!

While the topic of the day was loosely based on ‘Building Bridges’, the talk moved on from introducing each other, to learning about how to earn income through social media, and what can be done to improve content to fit the industry as well.

Interestingly, in this session, Jeremy Noronha, a Digital Nomad from India, and also Dominic Ling, an SEO specialist from Singapore also joined us at Grand Margherita Hotel’s Rajang Lobby Bar Terrace to share about their experiences and things that could be done to improve not only content, but also to move forward as content creators on social media.  Who would have guessed that our little session would attract international participants!

One side of those coming. Photo by Donovan Sim

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was also found out that Digital Nomads like Jeremy put everything in one back-pack, and he would go bananas if it was lost! – which was also the joke of the night that we should steal his backpack so that he had to stay longer in Kuching.

But on more serious matters, there was plenty to discuss when it came to digital marketing, corporate blogging, affiliate marketing, and again, yes, the role of tourism related industries when it comes to promoting Sarawak.

We really don’t want to say too much because we prefer you to join our sessions to hear what’s it all about.

Missed out? There’s always Tether Session 3 (which we will post up on our FB event page), but for now, thank you again to Grand Margherita Hotel for hosting us!!