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About Us

Sarawak Bloggers Society (Reg. no: PPM-013-13-04092012) is a registered social media association with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS) since 2012. It has active members Sarawak-wide, with dedicated representation in both Kuching, Samarahan and Miri.

The association aims to promote unity among social media users, while at the same time help to open up opportunities to its members.  Aside from that, Sarawak Bloggers also intends to promote positive use of social media to the community by educating the community on social media trends and proper practices when online.

To achieve its objectives, Sarawak Bloggers had previously organized the award winning Tweet-Up Kuching in 2011 & 2012, and HashtagLive Kuching in 2015, while at the same time engage with numerous agencies, companies and NGOs to achieve it’s objectives.

Join Us

There are several ways to join Sarawak Bloggers Society as an active member. Below are listed methods with some brief explanation.

  • Associate member – Enjoy unlimited activities and updates, including event invites for free. (Has no voting rights)
  • Member on Facebook – Enjoy unlimited activities, updates, including event invites for free, with virtual interaction via our Facebook group. (Has no voting rights)
  • Sarawak Bloggers WhatsApp – Enjoy unlimited activities, updates, including event invites for free, with virtual interaction via our WhatsApp group. (Has no voting rights) –  Kindly message us on our Facebook page to buzz us you have applied so that we can add you in.



Sarawak Bloggers organizes events from time to time for their members.  Below are some of the most frequently done.

  1. Event Coverage
    • Event coverage would mean that members of Sarawak Bloggers will be invited to events which include concerts, festivals, sport events and more.
  2. Product/Service review
    • Members can be invited to do product or service reviews.  Such reviews usually come with certain T&C’s but some also offer payment.
  3. Sharing/Talks
    • Talks and sharing sessions are organized to ensure members gain knowledge and are able to improve themselves.
  4. Social Media Gatherings
    • Social media gatherings are usually festivals organized by Sarawak Bloggers. They are huge and filled with activities.

Fees & Payment

Sarawak Bloggers does not impose any fees for all associated, teen and honorary members. This means that membership for such membership is completely FREE!

However, the society reserves the rights to charge shall the members decide to join any events organized by the society.

Such payments would be requested for members participating in such events only, and shall be made using the listed payment method.

Sarawak Bloggers does not give any authority to any individual to collect money on behalf of the society.


Sarawak Bloggers provides you the opportunity to mix with a massive number of people from a completely diverse community under the name ‘Sarawak Bloggers’.

The society opens up doors to opportunities one would never have expected to be part of before, thanks to good networking with local as well as international organizations.

Sarawak Bloggers can voice out its members discontent over issues pertaining to social media as it is a registered association with the Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS). We do not however provide legal service.